Turning Data into Action

Buried in data…information overload…data rich, but information poor…These are real business challenges. Unfortunately, the alphabet soup of solutions— EDM, MDM, ECM, RM, ILM, BI, DW, KM, …—can faze even the most tech-savvy executive. Information management is a powerful capability organized around effectively capturing, managing, analyzing and applying information to enhance business performance. It need not be complex.

Our Turning Data into Action framework describes the information management capability from a business perspective. It illustrates the process that channels the power of raw data into better business performance.

In the regular course of doing business, we accumulate a lot of data in disparate systems dispersed across the enterprise. And we have plenty of data available to us externally. This data when given context—cross-referenced, collated and consolidated—unlocks valuable information about our customers, suppliers and internal operations.

When analyzed, this information yields knowledge about customer behavior, product performance, supplier relations and financial management.

This knowledge, when put in the hands of decision-makers so they can blend it with their intuition; formulate & test hypotheses; and validate gut feelings creates insights about customer preferences, nascent trends and emergent situations.

And it is this insight that motivates us to act: to adjust external systems and to make strategic and tactical decisions—actions that ultimately improve our business performance.

Our consulting services help you explore the possibilities, pinpoint solutions and deliver results in as little as eight weeks. Contact us to start turning your data into action that powers superior performance.

Turning Data into Action framework Our Turning Data into Action framework helps us link your business needs with technological possibilities.