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Implementation services

Our implementation services are organized around the Turning Data into Action framework so you can easily link your business needs with technological possibilities.

Data management

Good quality, comprehensive data is the bedrock of information management. Our Data management practice helps you gain access to the data trapped in the multitude of systems across your enterprise and build new databases to ease access to relevant data.

Poor quality data is nobody's fault. However, good quality data benefits everybody—it enhances our confidence. We can help you assess the quality of the data that is currently being used and implement solutions to enhance data quality.

Finally, we can enrich the data available to you by supplementing it with other sources—internal and external.


Analytics gives you a deeper understanding of the business—customer behavior, product performance, supplier relations and financial management. It provides inputs for your strategic thinking and planning. We can help mine your data for hidden knowledge, conduct statistical analyses and calculate key performance indicators, metrics & other analytics.

Information delivery

Ultimately, it is people who take action. We can help you empower decision-makers by delivering the right information, to the right person, at the right time. We can do that via reports, dashboards, scorecards and alerts—matching the right format with the most appropriate delivery mechanism.

Custom solutions

Our objective is to help improve your business performance. We can support your chosen approach by streaming data to external systems, integrating analytics into a business process, Web-enabling systems so they have a broader reach and devising new systems for tracking heretofore uncaptured data.

Contact us to explore how we can collaborate in unleashing the power of your data.

Implementation services We offer services across the spectrum of activities that help you unleash the power of data.