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How we do it

In our experience, information management is a virtuous cycle that must be implemented incrementally, in proportion to business need. There is no gold standard. There is no panacea. The task requires broad expertise in evolving technology, business acumen and an appreciation of the unique cultural characteristics of the client organization.

We are purpose driven in our approach. We start by acknowledging the business imperative and prefer an incremental delivery approach—delivering demonstrable value and usable results in eight-week increments.

Our approach

We start with a whiteboarding session in which we identify goals, challenges and possible solutions. We conclude this step with a high-level description of the desired solution.

Next we build the business case—articulating the benefits, identifying stakeholders, establishing key success factors and working out high-level technical details.

Finally, we deliver the solution iteratively so we have an opportunity to incorporate feedback, course correct and deploy exactly what you need.

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How we do it Our goal is to deliver real, measurable business value in eight weeks.