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With the Analytic Visibility Suite you can:

Business analysts

For business analysts and power users, the Suite offers an integrated platform for business analytics that removes the trade-off between flexibility and ease-of-use. With the Suite, business analysts can focus on immediate term objectives without burdening IT with one off requests.

Internal IT

Internal IT organizations can extend the value of corporate information assets by providing business users a flexible tool for speed-of-thought data exploration and insight discovery. They can complement standardized reports with a self-service solution for decision-making needs.


Consultants, in the course of serving clients, gain unique insights into the clients' business—they understand their processes, their way of doing things and what's important to them. With the Analytic Visibility Suite, consultants can leverage their domain expertise to provide clients tailored solutions at the time, cost and expense of an off-the-shelf solution.


For software vendors, each new installation often requires customizing reports, creating new formats and programming client-specific business logic. It's tedious and expensive. By leveraging the Analytic Visibility Suite, ISVs can get out of this report-writing business by providing business users an integrated platform for creating their own information delivery mechanisms.

Additionally, ISVs can move up the value chain by developing custom analytic applications. The Suite provides 80% of the common technology required for any business analytics solution. By blending the capabilities of their application with the Suite, ISVs can focus on the last 20% that makes an application unique and valuable.

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Track information that shows how your business is doing to stay on course.

Explore data on demand to see what's driving an exception and detect nascent trends.

Respond to the changes you identify for superior performance.