Our solutions

Getting started

Better than just a PowerPoint presentation or a canned demo, in five days, we can assemble a functional prototype that goes further than a mere proof-of-concept. We can deliver an actual solution to a real business problem that unequivocally demonstrates how the Analytic Visibility Suite can use your data, within your environment, and contribute real value in a very reasonable time frame. Better still, the prototype need not be thrown away—it can serve as the base for future enhancements.

How we do it

We start off with a whiteboarding session that answers the simple question: what should the solution look like? And we create an outline of the solution—the screens, the various elements on a screen, the navigation between elements—a complete template.

Next, we describe the information model that can support the template—the data elements, the sources for acquiring the data elements and the business logic for transforming the raw data into managerial information.

Finally, we populate the outline by leveraging Epistemic's on-demand capabilities: access the required baseline data, transform it into managerial information and insert the appropriate visual representation into the template.

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Five-day QuickStart In just five days, we can help you enhance and realize the potential of your data presently lying under-exploited.