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Analytic Visibility Suite

Analytic Visibility Suite is a flexible, self-service tool for decision-makers. With the Suite, you can:

Current business intelligence solutions are database-centric and optimized for routine reporting environments where you must anticipate your needs, have the analysis pre-programmed and often, physically aggregate the data. Standardized reports put everyone on the same page, communicate a static reality and make information widely accessible—a valuable achievement.

The effectiveness of standardized reports, however, diminishes when your needs change frequently, when you cannot easily anticipate the analysis or when your data requirements span multiple sources. Many decision-makers benefit by viewing information from different perspectives, asking questions and exploring possibilities.

A flexible, self-service tool for decision-makers

The Epistemic Analytic Visibility Suite empowers you to monitor daily operations on-demand by flexibly defining alerts using free-form, custom criteria. It enables you to manage by exception and avert potential problems.

The Suite shortens decision cycles by allowing you to tie analysis to action by directly injecting analysis results into a workflow or process to immediately take advantage of competitive opportunities and mitigate potential risks. With the Suite, you can author personal reports, dashboards, scorecards, … whatever format you consider appropriate for communicating your insights and results with your team.

The Suite helps you make better quality decisions by arming you with the tools to analyze all data at the speed-of-thought—interactively, iteratively and visually. You can flexibly analyze data across functional boundaries, discover relationships & nascent trends, test hypotheses, follow hunches and derive insights on demand. Your analysis can incorporate data from disparate sources on-the-fly, thereby giving greater depth to the analysis without the burden of manual rework or costly data integration.

A comprehensive set of capabilities

The Suite consists of a rich complement of analytic capabilities that are invoked on demand, are independent of the data's source and can be combined as required. Capabilities include:

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“ …instead of having to spend hours massaging the data, the business analysts can get right to what they're supposed to be doing: analyzing the data.”

Aberdeen Group
“ …infrastructure that can enrich an enterprise's information management environment and replace the current weak links in the BI value chain.”

“ …rethinking the way OLAP is used and essentially bringing the analytics process to the data across a variety of data sources…”